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Carpenter Ant Damage

Carpenter Ant damage doesn't have to happen to you or your home. Ant bites are painful and structural damage from Carpenter Ants can be costly. PestEx International is dedicated to making your home or business safe from Carpenter Ant damage and bites.
Carpenter Ants

Black carpenter ants are known to forage a radius as wide as 100 yards in search of food. These workers are most active at night, traveling from their nest to a food source. They find their way by laying and using chemical—pheromone—trails. The ants also produce crackling sounds that can be heard near a large nest, which can house thousands of individual ants.

The black carpenter ant does not sting. However, the larger workers can administer a sharp bite, which can be irritated by the injection of formic acid produced by the ant. In addition, black carpenter ants are fiercely territorial in regard to other ants. Although these ants do not eat or digest wood, they do tunnel through wood, which can cause structural damage.
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