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Termite Inspection and Treatment

Avoid costly damages when you turn to Pestex Services, Inc Termite and Pest Control. Our termite inspection and treatment technicians in Tampa, Florida, know exactly what to look for, as well as how to remedy termite issues.
Drywood Termite Behavior

Drywood termites form colonies similar to other termites species. They have flying forms, known as alates, to fly out in great numbers from mature colonies during certain times of the year in a process known as swarming. In a swarm, alates will find mates before fluttering in search of dead wood in which to house a new colony.


Unlike the subterranean termites, drywood termites form colonies within the wood itself rather than in the soil below. Since drywood termites form colonies within dead wood, they have no access to free water. This is also the reason for their common name: drywood termites.

This is also why they must either acquire water through metabolism of wood or through moisture in their environments. Some drywood termites make colonies in hot, dry areas such as Southern California, where high temperatures and low humidity reduce the available water from the environment.
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Since these termites live within their food, they must also find ways to remove waste from their colonies. To do this, drywood termites make small holes in the wood they infest and occasionally kick out fecal pellets, or frass. Piles of pellets usually accumulate under these openings. These dry, smooth, and often powdery looking pellets are very characteristic of the presence of drywood termites.


While most drywood termites only infest dead trees, others are economy-impacting pests because they nest in wooden framing, home studs, or wooden furniture. As such, these termites are widely distributed by people who unknowingly transport infested furniture. This results in many pest termites having a very wide distribution path. As of now, drywood termites are not currently considered to be established in Alabama.

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